Dorothy's Page

A Very Important and Special Message from Queen Dot

OK, this site is old. She's now 18 and we went to href="">Walt Disney World in 2006 when she graduated from high school.

Please sirs and madams, it has been my life-long dream to go on a Disneyland Cruise and to Disneyworld and/or Europe with my friend Gina. However, I am only fifteen and do not have the financial stability to afford this trip, and my parents do not think the cause is worthy of taking out a loan. Gina and I would greatly appreciate it if you would contribute to the "Send Dorothy and Gina to Disneyworld and Cruise Ship and/or Europe Fund."

Just think, you could be responsible for making a little girl's dream come true! To those of you who help support other people's dreams and contribute to this fund, I hold you in a special place in my heart, and thank you most sincerely. For those of you who do not contribute to this fund, I hope that Satan isn't feeling too cruel when you go to meet him on the day you depart from this earth.

And don't forget that it is never too late to help!

With deepest affection,
Queen Dot

Please send donations to:
PO Box 8081
Moscow, ID 83843