D&G 2006

The Kitchen Sink Sundae

I had seen The Kitchen Sink Sundae on the Food Network and, since it seemed right up our alley, I put it on the list. If I had known the trouble it was going to be, I would have thought twice about that decision.

We had a free afternoon specifically for this experience so we hopped on the bus from our hotel. The front desk had advised us to transfer buses at Downtown Disney instead of a theme park so that's what we did. After waiting at our hotel for the correct bus and then waiting at Downtown Disney for the next correct bus, we were getting mighty cranky. We hadn't eaten much in preparation for the gorging and with the added stress of the Florida heat and exhaust fumes from the passing buses, we were not happy campers.

Finally, our bus arrived to take us to the resort with ice cream. After crossing our starting point, the bus let us out at our stop and we had no idea which way to go as the bus stop was directly between sister resorts. We took off in one direction and found employees getting off of work, asking was no help. We continued around and realized that we'd gone the wrong direction. So we took off the other way and ended up at the correct resort. After being pointed in the right direction of the eatery, we found a large line of people and after specifying that we'd take a booth, table, or bar, we sat, thankful to be so near our destination. We were seated almost immediately with 6 others, at the bar. The waitress went down the line, asking two people farthest from us for their order. She got their drinks, put in their order, and went to the next two. Got their drinks, put in their order and went to the next two. Got their drinks, put in their order (we're next!) and stopped. Umm, hello? Hungry, tired, cranky, hot people right here. Order up! Everyone got their orders and then she took our order(one kitchen sink sundae, please, and waters) and left. Hmm, water would be very nice. Finally, waters. Umm, sundae?

The people with whom we came in have now finished their burgers and onion rings and are waiting for their bills. No kitchen sink sundae in sight. Finally, we see someone in preparation; collecting the candy bars, getting a "kitchen sink". Dorothy and I are salivating over the onion ring aroma. Ready for something substantial, craving onion rings after they had been mentioned a couple of days before, telling ourselves that it's best to have room for the ice cream than to fill up on onion rings. People paying for their bills and grabbing their items and...here it comes! They flicker the lights, do the fanfare, Dorothy puts her head on the bar and then it's in front of us! Right there, within reach! Over two hours after leaving the hotel! We grab spoons, ready to dig in and..."I have to see. Oh, look, George, it has Oreos and candy bars and cake..." A woman at my elbow, the elbow that is poised in mid air ready to dig in. "Oh, I have to ask, are you going to eat it all?"

"Well, I'll let you know after the first bite," is what I wanted to answer, after trying to determine if a spoon in the back of her hand would work as well as a fork. However, I smiled and replied, "I doubt it, but we're going to give it a try." She continues to stand next to me, narrating the contents to her companions. She finally departs and we're ready to dig in, but first a picture. No one around all of a sudden. Finally someone comes in the take-out door and I pester, much to Dorothy's chagrin. And here we are, happy campers, eating ice cream at Walt Disney World and all is right with the world (Disney and otherwise).

We did not finish, but we did very well considering that neither of us was too full after the jaunt. We could have finished (don't you doubt it) and not felt well, but we were smart.